Habitat for Humanity Brant-Norfolk Celebrates 20th Anniversary Year with New Project and New Era in Affordable Homeownership

Habitat for Humanity Brant-Norfolk to champion one of the first stacked town building projects of its kind in Brantford.

BRANTFORD, ON – April 9, 2019 – One of the first stacked town building projects of its kind in Brantford – and the largest homebuilding project ever in the history of Habitat for Humanity Brant-Norfolk – will change the trajectory of affordable homeownership and provide a solid foundation of success for homebuyers and for the community. Habitat Brant-Norfolk’s recent unveiling of the project’s innovative and modern design by Jim Gerrard of Gerrard’s Design & Drafting, was met with a standing ovation at Habitat’s launch of its 20th anniversary celebrations.

“To date, we have served 23 families over 20 years, building single detached family homes or semis,” shared Steve Roorda, Habitat Brant-Norfolk’s Board Chair. With this new development Habitat will build 24 new homes for families and individuals over the next 4 years. Roorda, a civil engineer with RJ Burnside, stated the Board is firmly committed to make a bigger impact on affordable housing through the Habitat model of affordable homeownership. Currently over 1,700 households are on the waiting list for affordable housing in Brantford. The median price of a home in Brantford CMA is $415,000.

Having observed the changes in the housing market, with the rising cost of land and other increases associated with a housing boom, Roorda said it made sense to review Habitat’s build program of one house a year for one family and to bring the program in line with providing the best possible opportunity to build more for those in need.

The new multi-residential build is planned for the north end of Brantford at 200 Brantwood Park Road. Residents who have a regular income and are ready for homeownership; willing to partner with Habitat; and can demonstrate need, may apply through Habitat’s affordable homeownership program. Traditional market value homeownership will also be available through a development partner. Young families, individuals, seniors, persons with disabilities, members of the GBLTQ2 community and veterans are encouraged to apply.

Dan Brooks, CEO of Habitat Brant-Norfolk is excited about the project and how it will help to deliver more affordable housing to Brant-Norfolk. “Our model has always been in place to help provide a solution to the housing crisis and we’re excited to do our part and to do more with owners coming from a cross section of the community, including fair market traditional homeowners as well.” He also stated the research and preliminary work completed by both board and staff, with consultation from numerous experts, helped to guide the process for a new model and moved the organization from concept into the early planning stages.

The project is a multi-residential mix of ownership, with one, two and three bedroom units. Some units will be fully accessible. It will be a stacked town condo, taking into account energy efficiency, common area green space and a degree of standard across the property.

The proposed plan contains 56 units on an internal driveway and servicing with storm water management controls. Habitat anticipates building 24 units, with community partners, volunteers and donors stepping up to help complete the first block of 8 units within 2020.

Brooks says this project is a way to bring the community together to help build community. “This is the future of a new era in affordable homeownership and we’re proud to lead the way to serve our communities.”

To volunteer or donate visit habitatbn.org or call 519.759.8600.

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Lynda Henriksen, Director of Fund Development and Communications lhenriksen@habitatbn.org

office: 519.759.8600 x527 cell: 905.577.3863

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