Home Ownership

Homeowner Criteria

Demonstrated Need: The family must be able to demonstrate that they are living in unsafe, unhealthy or overcrowded housing conditions or spending a disproportionate percentage of their gross income on rent. They cannot already own a home.

Financial Requirements: The family is unable to qualify for a traditional mortgage from a bank but has a good credit rating, does not have an overwhelming amount of debt, and has a steady income that is sufficient to cover the cost of 0%-interest mortgage payments, taxes, utilities, insurance and maintenance expenses of the Habitat Brant-Norfolk home.

Income Requirements: The family’s entire income before taxes must be in the following range:

Family Size     Minimum Income     Maximum Income
2 people                  $23,688                        $28,953
3 people                  $29,122                        $35,594
4 people                  $35,359                        $43,217
5 people                  $40,103                        $49,016
6 people                  $45,230                        $55,281
7+ people                $50,357                        $61,547

The entire family’s employment income and/or long-term disability (ODSP) income are considered. Habitat Brant-Norfolk does not accept families whose only source of income is social assistance (Ontario Works) or Employment Insurance.

Commitment to Partnership: The family must contribute 500 hours of volunteer labour or “sweat equity” towards the construction of their own home and/or other Habitat Brant-Norfolk homes.Build Habitat These hours may also be spent volunteering at Habitat Brant-Norfolk’s affiliate office or ReStore. Each parent must complete 150 hours themselves, but relatives and friends can help to make up the remaining time. It is the family’s responsibility to track and report on all hours volunteered on their behalf, and all 500 hours must be completed before the family can move into a Habitat Brant-Norfolk home. The family must participate in all homeownership preparation workshops and training sessions. They must also help to spread the word about Habitat Brant-Norfolk through public initiatives.

Status Requirements: Each member of the family must be either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada for at least three years and a Brantford or Brant County or Norfolk County resident for at least one year.

Additional Requirements: The family must consent to a credit check. In the case of a past bankruptcy, the family must produce proof of discharge, dated at least two years prior to their application to Habitat Brant-Norfolk. The family must also provide personal references from people who know them well enough (but are not related to them) to recommend them as a potential Habitat Brant-Norfolk partner family.