Women in Skills and Trades Program put their talent to work by helping Habitat Brant!



Women in Skills and Trades Program put their talent to work by helping Habitat Brant!

The students from Conestoga’ Women in Skills and Trades program (WIST) are putting their skills and talent to help a local cause.  Habitat for Humanity Brant is building two homes this year in the City of Brantford and Conestoga’s students have been keen to contribute their skills by constructing all the wall sections for the homes at the Waterloo campus.  The Women in Skilled Trades (WIST) program provides females with the opportunity to receive in-college instruction, plus ten weeks of practical, on-the job training. Those who successfully complete the program are ready to pursue employment, apprenticeships or advanced training. Often students will undertake projects for local nonprofit organization in order to provide hands on experience. This partnership has also helped other local Habitats including Habitat for Humanity Waterloo.


Habitat for Humanity Brant is pleased to help students tap into practical experiences and invite the youth population to think about how they can join local Habitats across Canada with creating affordable housing options.  It is simply a “win / win” for both organizations” says Executive Director, Sandra Cocco.  The students have been invited to volunteer on the Build site this May.  “This will be wonderful for these students to help erect the walls they pre – fabricated and gain additional construction experience”. We look forward to developing more partnership with educational partners.  We all have a vested interest in seeing people end up with good jobs so they can afford decent homes.  Education, employment and housing are all inter connected in ways that change the direction of people’s lives.

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