Brook Street

Project: Brook Street – Simcoe (Norfolk County)

Type: Detached Single Family Home Build

Start Date: Fall 2020

Completed: April 2021

About the Project:

This build is a new two storey, single family residential house. Our second build in Norfolk County, it features 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, a private driveway, backyard and an unfinished basement.

The family was approved for Habitat’s affordable homeownership program in 2018. They had spent years moving from one place to the next, trying to access a safe home in good condition; enough space so they didn’t feel like they were tripping over each other; in a region they liked and with access to consistent employment. Before applying for the Habitat Homeownership program, they sought homeownership through a conventional mortgage with a financial institution. But as many families have discovered in our current housing crisis – even though they qualified for a traditional mortgage, approval was well below the amount needed to purchase a home in Brant-Norfolk’s market. Despite their steady income and employment, owning a home of their own appeared to be out of reach.

The Habitat for Humanity Homeownership program is unique and provides families with an opportunity to purchase a home through an affordable model. While families are required to complete 500 volunteer hours before the mortgage agreement is complete and they can move into the home, Sharon, Russ and Krysten eagerly completed over 700 hours! They have volunteered more since then, both in the Simcoe ReStore and on the construction site of their home build. This family is grateful for a hand up on their journey to affordable home ownership. 

Updates & Coverage

April 29, 2021 – Virtual Key Ceremony! Congratulations Sharon, Russ and Krysten!

Meet Russ, Sharon and Krysten: 2020 – July – – #HomeTogether Brings Hope and Sparks Courage for New Adventures

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Habitat Heartland Brant Norfolk Chapter
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