building an eco-conscious Habitat for Humanity home to Passive House standards

Dedicated The Kent Dixon Memorial Build

*design is subject to changes

We’re building a healthy, energy efficient, sustainable home at the lowest possible cost. Affordable housing has become more critical than ever, especially given the recent economic changes. Previously lost in that conversation has been climate change and the state of the environment. We are committed to building affordable and more sustainable homes that provide stability, strength and self-reliance for Habitat homeowners as they integrate into the community around them. It’s not just what we build, but how we build it. This project is just the beginning of an ongoing endeavour to learn how to build greener and for less.

Type: Detached Single Family Home Build

Start Date: Coming Soon!

Goal: $500,000

About the Project:

This build is a new, detached single family residential house, located in the Oakhill community in the County of Brant and is designed using passive house standards.

The project in whole is an innovative collaboration with Makers – a group of passionate and community-minded producers – coming together to combine sustainability and affordability within Habitat for Humanity’s affordable homeownership program. With a plan to utilize Habitat’s volunteer-driven approach to home-building and local sourcing of materials, the project will feature a newly-designed process for building homes that promises to be more efficient and more sustainable than traditional methods.

The build has been championed with early support from Reciprocal Opportunities Incorporated, in memory of Kent Dixon. In gratitude, Habitat Brant Norfolk has designated this The Kent Dixon Memorial Build.

The land for this project was transferred to Habitat Brant Norfolk on July 14, 2020, as part of a newly-formed partnership with the County of Brant to provide decent and affordable housing in the community.

We invite new build partners, sponsors and the community to join us in building green together! Donations may be made at or contact Lynda Henriksen, General Manager, Habitat Heartland Brant Norfolk at 519-769-8600 ext. 527 or

“This is the first time that the County has partnered with Habitat for Humanity and we are beyond excited to provide a local family the opportunity to own their home. The County of Brant is a special place to live because of the people in this community. They are kind hearted, generous, and giving people. I know many people from this community will want to get involved and help build this home. This community takes care of each other and together, we become stronger and healthier. I would like to thank Habitat for Humanity for their excellent work and for helping families to build a strong foundation in this community.”

~ Mayor David Bailey, County of Brant

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Your generosity does more than build homes. By investing in Habitat’s local build program, you support families in need of stability, community and the safety of a decent, affordable home. We know the impact of our work and how a decent home can change the trajectory of a families health, education and economic opportunity. With your support, every Habitat homeowner who partners with us can build a better future for themselves and for generations to come. Click here to explore ways to give.

Lynda Henriksen, General Manager
Habitat Heartland Brant Norfolk Chapter
519-759-8600 ext. 527

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