To find out if you qualify for Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario Brant-Norfolk Chapter’s Homeownership Program, please register to attend our next Homeownership Info Session by calling 519-759-8600 ext 532.  You may also  submit an expression of interest here .  Attendance at a Homeownership Info Session is mandatory before qualifying for a home.

Homeowner Criteria

Key eligibility criteria for Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario Brant-Norfolk Chapter programs are:

Need for adequate housing:

The family must be able to demonstrate that they are living in unsafe, unhealthy or overcrowded housing conditions.
More than 30% of gross income goes to rent not including utilities.
Considerations needs to be given to applicants in subsidized housing when rent is well below  market rates but other factors have been met.
Does not own or share in a residence or real estate property.

Ability to pay:

Documentation of at least 6 months steady income that falls within our HILs.
Ability to demonstrate a good credit rating, and does not have an overwhelming amount of debt.
Ability to direct 30% of gross family income to mortgage payment and keep property tax account up to date.
Mortgage not to exceed 30 years.
In the case of a past bankruptcy, the family must produce a proof of discharge.

Income requirements:

To qualify an applicant(s) will be over the age of 18 and demonstrate a minimum of 6 months of steady income. All members of the household who intend to share ownership in the title of the home must be represented in the application. The income of all applicant household members shall be included in the total household income except:

. HST rebate
. Ontario Works (OW) benefits
. Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) temporary benefits
. Employment Insurance Benefit ( if parental leave, re-evaluate after re-employment)
. Child Disability Benefit
. Child Tax Benefit
. Overtime and bonuses which are unpredictable or a one-time event

Only current income will be considered and selection will not be based on future earnings. The prospective homeowner will be required to provide annual income one month prior to final completion and sale of home to the family.

The family’s entire income before taxes.

2019 annual Household Income Limits in the Brantford/Norfolk community are as follows:

Minimum Income                  # of bedrooms                        Maximum Income

$30,000                                    1 bedroom unit                         $34,500
$35,000                                    2 bedroom unit                         $42,500
$40,000                                    3 bedroom unit                         $51,000
$50,000                                    4 bedroom unit                         $65,500

Willingness to Partner:

Families are considered our greatest Ambassadors and as such are asked to help us with a variety of initiatives that advance our mission.

Partnership requirements:

Each family must contribute a minimum of 500 volunteer hours towards the construction of their own home or a variety of other Habitat projects.
Each family will accept all the responsibilities of homeownership including insurance, taxes, utilities, maintenance, and other common homeowner expenses and maintain your Habitat home.

All adult members of the household will be required to provide a criminal reference check once accepted for Habitat Homeownership.

To help promote Habitat.

You are required to attend a variety of Homeowner Education Workshops.